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Back Relaxer

Back Relaxer

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Lumbar Support
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Lower Back Pain Relief Yoga Stretcher Cushion

* Instant Pain Relief - Immediate effective ease back&neck tension and pain, stretching for back pain, stop suffering and restore back flexibility. Good for people who suffer from neck and back muscle stiffness.
* Multi-Purpose Use - Multi-functional yoga stretcher for neck & back relief, office sitting cushions and exercise core abdominal practice. Suitable for many occasions, improving posture and relieving discomfort.
* Easy to Use - Unique shape stretcher pillow is all set up to use. Save time and expensive visiting to clinic. Good for a few minutes daily use or long term office use.
* High Quality Durable - The relief yoga stretcher cushion is made of firm supportive EVA Foam which is touch softly but hard actually. Foam-filled interior provides solid support for your body.

Features of Neck and Back Stretcher Pain Fatigue Relief Acupoint Stimulation Portable Neck Support Relaxer Lumbar Support

* Instant Pain Relief
* Multi-Purpose Use
* Easy to Use
* High Quality Durable
Pains? Pains? Pains?
* No one enjoys sitting in an office chair or on your feet all day while your back muscles build tension! Use Emay Plus Yoga Stretcher to slowly release & stretch your tight back muscles! Instant Relief!
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Designed by Ergonomic

Ergonomic design help to support the correct posture of the cervical vertebra, effectively eliminating neck fatigue and stiffness.Rest in comfort for a 5 minutes can release stress and tension.

Durable, Elastic, On Point!

Made of durable EVA foam that is soft to touch but actually hard. The foam-filled interior provides a solid support. On pointmassage, on point Pressure, on point relief!

Dedicate Material

The cushion is made of sturdy materials. It can bear up to your body's weight, and the foam strip in the middle of the device can provide cushioning, so that you can use it more comfortably.

Correct Your Posture

The back massage stretcher has 126 massage points that relieve pressure by stimulating and let the spinal return to the natural lines, help stabilize the spinal column and improve flexibility.

Support Back

The unique spiky arched shaped design fit comfortably under the back while you lie down, the spiky on top fair enough relax the pain and muscle.

Relief Neck

Not only for backs! Relief neck pain in a sec. With simple stretching, feel a lot more comfortable with your neck imperceptibly.

Massage Foot

Multifunctional stretcher for core abdominal exercise, sit-ups, and general stretching exercises, improving bad posture and back stiffness.
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For people suffering from pains!
Wonderful Gift for Your Loved Ones!
Relieve stressful long days of work with your durable back stretcher. Use just a few minutes to let the accupressure knead into your pressure points just right relieving back pain.
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